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I like my faith like I like my coffee

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A Tired Toddler’s Psalm

By the couch in the living room There we sat down and I screamed when I remembered Sodor We hung up our sun hats and put our shoes in the closet And now you expect us to be content with … Continue reading

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The Butterfly

At school this week we’re reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and hatching cocoons. So I wrote my own story. The Egg Charles was born an a particularly beautiful day. His mother always remembered that it was a Tuesday, because she … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Law: Free Will and Natural Law in the Living Room

I can choose freely to eat ice-cream at night right before bed. And I do. But I can’t freely choose to have a good night’s sleep. That only follows from doing things that lead naturally to a good night’s sleep. … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of God is Like a Rigged Roulette Table

My brother used to help run the Knights of Columbus bingo night. One day, one of his brother knights said he thought they needed to stop selling the scratch tickets. They had been paying out a lot in winnings. My … Continue reading

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Splat! That wasn’t what I expected at all

When we approach any life-changing event, we always try to prepare for “what to expect.” We read books. We ask experts. We go to seminars and workshops. We watch sitcoms about parenting. We listen to songs about loss. We read … Continue reading

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What Did You Expect

You know that feeling when you’re trying to save an important document when your computer suddenly encounters an error? You click on that little picture of an obscure disk, the kind your grandfather must have saved his files on, and … Continue reading

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