Apologia pro absentia sua


Sorry I’ve been absent. I’ve been out completing an internship, finishing my masters degree, getting certified and looking for jobs. But the process has made me a better man, a man who can confidently quote acronyms till he drops, a man who can sign his name with the addition of M.Ed, a man who can write cover letters like nobody’s business, in short, a man of letters.

I plan to write just a couple times a week while I get settled and look for a job. And, by the way, if you happen to know of one, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Coming up:

Several short stories, including one that uses a lot of naughty language.
A few thoughts about E. B. White.
Slightly fewer thoughts about Charles Dickens.
A very few thoughts (I’ll only waste the spare ones) about Ayn Rand.
And if I haven’t lost the touch, some memes and limericks.

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