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Apologia pro absentia sua

Sorry I’ve been absent. I’ve been out completing an internship, finishing my masters degree, getting certified and looking for jobs. But the process has made me a better man, a man who can confidently quote acronyms till he drops, a … Continue reading

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A Resounding School Bell: What do good teachers look like?

With the last days of vacation speeding by and the first day of school rapidly approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about education. What kind of teacher do I want to be? What do I need to do to become … Continue reading

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Nepotism and Namedropping: The Moms and Daughters of Sped

It seems like all novels written in the 1800’s, Russian, English, French, are primarily about hanging around in salons trying to get a government post for your son and a rich husband for your daughter. It’s all so quaint and … Continue reading

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Culture: Is it Functional?

A few years ago I took an online course in Spanish. I did well in the course, ending with an A, but something seemed wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about the course that bothered me. … Continue reading

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