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The Fall: short story

Sorry for starting out with something this intense. The Fall Outside, the last of the leaves were barely holding out against the bitter cold that all their show of flame couldn’t warm. Below, their fallen brothers lay, slowly giving up … Continue reading

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Unless you become like little children: How to see toad poles and alligators.

The other day we were passing through a tollbooth (or “toad pole” as my four-year-old calls them, tollbooths and ATMs are toad poles) when a car raced through one of the lanes without paying. Immediately there was a loud alarm. … Continue reading

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Bob the Builder Rap

Am I the only one who expects to hear Steve Tyler’s voice start screaming “dig this way! Dump this way!”

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Seeking Bilingual Toddlerese English Speaker for Translation Services

Our daughter has just passed into the Swedish stage of language development. She actually could say single words very clearly, it’s when she passed into the “I’m going to use my limited vocabulary to create complex-compound sentences” stage that we … Continue reading

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A Tired Toddler’s Psalm

By the couch in the living room There we sat down and I screamed when I remembered Sodor We hung up our sun hats and put our shoes in the closet And now you expect us to be content with … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Law: Free Will and Natural Law in the Living Room

I can choose freely to eat ice-cream at night right before bed. And I do. But I can’t freely choose to have a good night’s sleep. That only follows from doing things that lead naturally to a good night’s sleep. … Continue reading

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