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Dishonest Diplomacy: A Seizure in the Body Politic.

“We’re only trying to protect our mutual interests. Imagine how a major accident in one of those arteries would affect your economy?” President Miriam Rena sat across from General Georg Reoviro, their reflections clearly visible, though grayed, in the smooth … Continue reading

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Some Tired Humor

As I lay in bed with a bad cold, pondering the futility of life, I composed the following aphorisms, words of wisdom to live by: I’d like to stay up, but I feel like a punjabi motor scooter: two tired … Continue reading

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Seeking Bilingual Toddlerese English Speaker for Translation Services

Our daughter has just passed into the Swedish stage of language development. She actually could say single words very clearly, it’s when she passed into the “I’m going to use my limited vocabulary to create complex-compound sentences” stage that we … Continue reading

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Nepotism and Namedropping: The Moms and Daughters of Sped

It seems like all novels written in the 1800’s, Russian, English, French, are primarily about hanging around in salons trying to get a government post for your son and a rich husband for your daughter. It’s all so quaint and … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment

November 11 is Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s birthday, so in his honor I give you Crime and Punishment the Limerick: He counted the steps from his stairs To the place where that hag plied her wares “I could borrow that ax And … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

This is the first of a series. I haven’t decided what day I will be posting these on, but I will be writing liberal arts limericks: limericks based on the greatest works of the western intellectual tradition. And on that … Continue reading

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Chikin Dinos

Chikin Dinos This simple recipe tastes just like the real deal and takes less than 5 hours to make! 6 basic kitchen sponges (no rough backing) One can of chicken broth Two eggs Two cups of flour Four cups vegetable … Continue reading

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