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Break Room

“It happened again!” “Oh?” “Someone opened the door.” The half dozen ladies sat around a long folding table topped with a faded yellow plaid veneer. The fluorescent lights glared down on them, exaggerating the already unnatural hues of their hair … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand: Everyone’s Favorite Egotistical Lady

“Ayn” is an adopted name from the Yiddish word for eyes. No one knows why she chose it. I decided to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I’m just coming out of the last throws of that 1200 page illness. Rand … Continue reading

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We’re breaking the ru-ules! Sin and Miley Cyrus

The other day I heard some students behind me laughing and chanting “we’re breaking the ru-ules!” in that desperate, nervous tone that says “I totally wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t against the rules. I don’t even like this. … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Law: Free Will and Natural Law in the Living Room

I can choose freely to eat ice-cream at night right before bed. And I do. But I can’t freely choose to have a good night’s sleep. That only follows from doing things that lead naturally to a good night’s sleep. … Continue reading

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Two Limericks and a Serious Poem

Here are a few poems I wrote. I hope you like them. Limericks Michael Gazzaniga There was a brain surgeon Gazzaniga Who’s disorganization was chronica Till he split his callosum Freeing powers quite awesome And could do twice the work … Continue reading

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