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Ayn Rand: Everyone’s Favorite Egotistical Lady

“Ayn” is an adopted name from the Yiddish word for eyes. No one knows why she chose it. I decided to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I’m just coming out of the last throws of that 1200 page illness. Rand … Continue reading

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We’re breaking the ru-ules! Sin and Miley Cyrus

The other day I heard some students behind me laughing and chanting “we’re breaking the ru-ules!” in that desperate, nervous tone that says “I totally wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t against the rules. I don’t even like this. … Continue reading

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Splat! That wasn’t what I expected at all

When we approach any life-changing event, we always try to prepare for “what to expect.” We read books. We ask experts. We go to seminars and workshops. We watch sitcoms about parenting. We listen to songs about loss. We read … Continue reading

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Better Than Sex?

Better Than Sex? On pain and longing and true love Frank Sheed once said of critics of Humanae Vitae that they viewed the sex act as “love’s highest expression. The ruling purpose in their own intercourse seemed to be the … Continue reading

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